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IOT Hackaton Big Prize!

woensdag 20 september, 2017

ALPHA Ventures challenges you to develop a tool to help field sport players (soccer, hockey) improve their game using IOT technology.

Field sports players are used to recieving verbal feedback and coaching instructions. Only the top teams are provided with video tools to evaluate their plays. The other 99% of players rely on coaches to shout instructions and maybe have a white board feedback session after the game. The players view of the game might be very different from the coches perceptions. Having the actual data and statistics of each player would greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of feedback.

So the challenge is to develop an easy to use and cheap IOT based tool kit that provides players and coaches with feedback data like field position, distance covered and such. The players will need some kind of wearable technology that identifies and records, sends and/or recieves data. The coach will need an easy way to display the results and provide feedback. Maybe incorporate bio-feedback in the system? Can you gameify a real time sports match by setting individual ot team challenges?

The challenge is open to teams of developpers with at least a basic knowledge of IOT technology. Fill out the registration and we will contact you with more details.

The winner of the challenge recieves a € 10.000 prize to actually develop the toolkit.

The challenge is set for 9am to 9pm. We provide food an drinks all day and have state of the art support available in internet acces, IOT gateways and LORA specialists.


woensdag 20 september, 2017
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